Annual Report 2016

Suppliers and government


Both the commercial and ethical sides of the relationship are important when selecting suppliers. An absolute condition in this regard is that both the suppliers and their suppliers comply with the legislation and regulations applicable in their country. The way of doing business must correspond with the norms and values of Beter Bed Holding that are based on the United Nations Global Compact Code.

The strategic suppliers have been asked to sign the code of conduct. The suppliers of all the formats of Beter Bed Holding have signed the code of conduct. All strategic suppliers are based in Europe. At least two suppliers are assessed annually to determine whether they comply with the supplier terms of Beter Bed Holding. These suppliers will also be asked to render account on the way in which they shape their CSR policy starting in 2017.

Beter Bed Holding attaches importance to the respectful treatment of animals.

The aim of deepening the relationship with strategic suppliers is to attain a better collaboration and in doing so to achieve the joint objectives in the field of sustainability. Controlling the chain will demand a joint effort on the part of the company and its suppliers.

Legislation and regulations

Beter Bed Holding expressly follows the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) guidelines. The company is in this way anticipating forthcoming more stringent legislation and regulations in the field of CSR reporting. The guidelines obligate 'companies of importance to society' to be transparent about their non-financial performance relating to matters such as the strategy, the environment, working conditions, human rights, corruption and diversity at the executive level.

Honest contribution

The topic of tax evasion is and has been covered extensively in the media. The OECD also presented a series of measures in the autumn of 2015 aimed against ‘Base Erosion and Profit Shifting’ (BEPS). This was reason for Beter Bed Holding to formulate its tax policy more explicitly. This is founded on the principle that the organisation wants to pay a fair amount of tax in the countries in which it operates. The organisation also declares that it will not use any constructions to evade tax.

Supervision and confidence

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) carries out product safety system inspections and audits at Beter Bed. The NVWA has confidence in the way in which Beter Bed has set up its product safety process and puts it into practice. The result of the system inspection and the audit meant that the NVWA conducted only limited supervision of Beter Bed through 2020. This is the highest mark of confidence the government can give an organisation in the field of product safety.